Dimension drawing of hmd11 series 3P power cut-off combination switch

Dimension drawing of hmd11 series power cut-off combination switch

Product Description

HMD11 load circuit breaker switch is developed by our company with the introduction of foreign advanced technology. Its small size, safe and reliable performance, suitable for ventilation, air conditioning and water pump systems, for industrial complete sets of equipment switching and used as insulation, safety isolation and other distributed switches, equivalent to foreign KG20-KG100 type load circuit breaker switch.

Work environment requirements

●the temperature of the surrounding air does not exceed +40°C and its average temperature in 24h does not exceed +35°C.

●The lower limit of the ambient air temperature does not exceed -5°C.

●The altitude of the installation site does not exceed 2000m;

●The relative temperature of the air does not exceed 50% at a maximum temperature of +40°C. A higher relative humidity may be allowed at lower temperatures, e.g. up to 90% at 20°C. Special measures are required to deal with condensation due to temperature changes.

Product Features


The large insulation distance of the switch's break contacts, 13 x 14 mm, greatly exceeds the safety requirements of VDE0113, and in many cases the switch's safety level exceeds that of various electrical breakers existing in the world.

●Flexible mounting types

The switch can be applied to both panel type and base mount type, and the base mount type can also be easily and safely mounted with screws or 35mm rails. The switch system is the most flexible and adaptable, and adding additional contacts and neutral terminals can be easily added to accommodate additional contacts without having to fold the switch.

●Easy installation

The built-in screws prevent slippage during manual operation and allow pneumatic or electric tools to perform at their best, ensuring safety and speed during installation.