Hmsw-1 drawing

Your air conditioner won't leave you cold with a professional grade HMWS isolating switch installed

 Government regulations in some countries require electric motors and servo-motors (e.g. split-type air conditioners) to be equipped with an easily accessible isolating switch so that electrical currents can be quickly cut.

 To conform to any such regulations in your country and to play safe, it is best to install HMWS isolating switches in outdoor areas for safe isolation of air conditioners and other heavy duty motorised appliances.

 The lever of HMWS can be locked in the off position, thus making sure the current of the electrical motors are cut which provides extra protection.

 HMWS gives air conditioners five levels of protection. lt guards against rain or water, is dust proof impact resistant, UV resistant and also chemical resistant. it is the best ingress protection you can get for your heavy duty appliances.

IP66 Certified

l Completely protected against dust

l Protected against jets of water of similar force to heavy seas.